offers a reliable and simple website. Here are some simple instructions that will help you place your order.


Step 1: Choose your product

The first step is to choose the product you would like to purchase. You can click on any of our products from the left menu. We also offer a search tool easy to use, which is located on the upper left side of the site.


Step 2: Add your product to your cart

You can add your product to the cart by clicking on "Add to cart" at anytime you are on the product information. You can also update o delete any product from your cart at any time, just click on "View Cart" located on the upper left side of the site.


Step 3: Place your order

Once you have completed adding your products to your cart, you can just simple click on the "Make secure payment" button. The order processing will show information about the delivery and payment options.


Step 4: Sign-in or register.

Access to your account or register to obtain one. This will allow you to manage your personal information, change your password, track your orders and have access to future discounts and promotions.


Step 5: Order confirmation.

After you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email. This does not mean that the transaction has been approved..


Step 6: Order confirmation

1. Our payment system will process your credit card and verify the authenticity.

2. Once the payment has been processed, we will send you an email confirming or denying your order.

3. Once we send the confirmation email, our staff will prepare your order.

4. Finally we will send you an email indicating that your order has been shipped to your address